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We collect large amounts of
valuable data for our clients.
3D laser scanning is just one
of the many methods for


The majority of Spotland’s
employees are outside in
the fresh air on a daily
basis. This brings many
good experiences


When the Danish roads
are designed, constructed
or maintained, Spotland
is a part of the process


When large areas must
be documented or
surveyed, our trained
drone pilots get to work


We supply 3D models for
machine operation for the
most commonly used systems


High-accuracy stakeout
with total station for all
construction types

We can offer

Technical surveying for construction, utilities, landscape and infrastructure.


3D modelling for construction projects.

Examination of designs, 3D models, 4D/5D simulation and analyses.


Technical-based knowledge and advice on work processes for construction projects.


Support and training in 2D and 3D machine control.

Data design for construction projects.

About Spotland

Spotland is one of Denmark’s most innovative and leading companies when it comes to BIM/VDC technology and GPS machine control.

We have a wide customer segment. We appeal to contractors, consultants and developers to whom we offer a qualified collaboration.

We originate from a construction company ourselves. Creating results during execution is therefore a part of our DNA.

We place quality, collaboration and expertise in focus because we know how decisive our work is for an optimal construction process.

We offer to be your consulting partner in relation to technical-based knowledge of the construction industry.

With 5 offices in Denmark and Sweden, we take on assignments throughout Denmark and southern Sweden. We are not afraid to take on jobs around the world, either.

By using our services, we can ensure the constructability of projects, timely production, better communication and proper planning, all of which creates the best foundation for a successful result.