At Spotland, we have an open work culture, where there is room for diversity and development.  We highly appreciate new ideas and want employees who will help develop company activities.  Does this sound like you?

If so, the question is: what is it like to work at Spotland?

It is very exciting, sometimes hectic, but always fun!  Each day, you will be challenged and thrown into learning new things.  We work with the latest technology and have the opportunity to “play” with groundbreaking hi-tech products every day.

You will receive not simply colleagues, but teammates and friends who support each other’s new ideas and ambitions and who help you get through everyday life’s little challenges.

When you go home, you will have the feeling of progress that results from a workday where you have helped contribute to the development of something new and exciting.


Spotland is growing and so is our staff number.  We are always looking for new colleagues to join our community. We have room for everyone – whether you are a mapping and surveying technician, an engineer or just have a flair for technology, we are confident that we can find a position that is right for you.

We offer employment in both Denmark and Sweden.

You are therefore welcome to send us an unsolicited application that explains a little about who you are and what you would like to contribute with here at Spotland.

Unsolicited job applications can be sent by clicking here.

Meet an employee


Do you think Spotland sounds like an exciting place to be? Then you have the opportunity to do an internship with us. This applies to both our surveying and BIM/VDC department.

Through an internship at Spotland, you will get the opportunity to develop and influence the course so that it is tailored your goals and desires.

Perhaps you can envision Spotland as your future workplace? Or perhaps you just want a clearer idea of what you want to work with in the future?

We would certainly like to give you this possibility – of course, in the hopes that you’ll see Spotland as the right place for you, like it is for us.

Contact us and we will have a chat about whether an internship at Spotland is something for you.