At Spotland, we offer our clients and partners a high level of expertise within the many disciplines of land surveying. We provide everything from newer methods such as 3D scanning and drone surveying to the more traditional methods with GPS/GNSS and total station. For data processing, modelling and analysis of the data obtained, we always use the latest advanced software. We take an active part in projects and are aware that not everyone in the industry in need of a surveyor knows how the processes work. We are therefore happy to delve into the project documents, examining them for any errors or omissions that might exist, with the goal of achieving flawless project result.


Spotland provides 3D Laser Scanning as part of our everyday services. With 3D scanning, large amounts of data can be surveyed in a short amount of time. 3D laser scanning is a surveying method that provides the most comprehensive results. If 3D scanning is carried out correctly, the collected data essentially constitutes a complete photo-realistic documentation. Through 3D laser scanning, the complete 3D geometry of the surveyed objects is registered and given coordinates.
  • Buildings
  • Technical installations
  • Production facilities
  • Volume calculation and visualisation
  • Dynamic output for CAD


Spotland is one of the most experienced and innovative consulting surveyors in Denmark and Sweden. Our experience ensures efficient and precise surveying. We have documented experience and the ability to manage large projects.
  • Situation plans
  • Pipeline registration
  • Quality assurance
  • Documentation
  • Submission for CAD Xml, GIS


Spotland always ensures that there is accordance between design and reality. We stake out and ensure the sustainability of points in the field.
  • Road and bridge stakeout
  • Drainage
  • Buildings
  • Prefabricated element installation
  • Technical facilities
  • Industry


The application of drone technology to generate an overview over the actual conditions in the field is on the rise. In Spotland, we have highly trained pilots and are authorised to fly in all of Denmark and Sweden. At our disposal we have UAS Category 1A and 1B :
  • Fixed wing Ebee RTK drone
  • Albris Inspection drone
  • Phantom 4 pro
Spotland has a specialised department for BIM (Building Information Management) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), which provides our clients with 3D models that can be used for machine control and stakeout. Among other things, we offer conversion of project data from 2D to 3D, visualisations for communication and documentation as well as simulation of e.g. schedules. Furthermore, we carry out earthworks logistics tasks, project reviews and analyses of various kinds such as volume calculations.


Spotland helps get the most out of machine control, including: Use and preparation of 3D models and data for machines. In many cases, the consultant has supplied a thoroughly prepared 3D project that simply needs to be converted to a specific machine control system. In other cases, the project data must be converted from 2D to 3D so that machine control can be used for execution. Spotland can supply data for machine control in all the market’s most widespread data formats.  
  • Coherence between design and execution
  • Project examination for constructability and errors in connection with execution of 3D models.
  • Extraction of quantities in construction projects
    • Offers
    • Financial management at the construction site
    • Planning and execution


By linking information from time schedules to 3D models, it is possible to visualise a project’s execution with the geometry of the 3D model over time, a so-called 4D model. Schedule simulation helps optimise and quality-assure both the schedule and the constructability of a project. The 4D model makes it easier to communicate the schedule to the various parties of the project and provides a deeper understanding of the project. By linking the price of the individual tasks in the schedule, you get a 5D model, which allows you to follow the cost of the project throughout the construction process and see the costs of changes to the schedule.  
  • Visualisation of the execution of the project linked to time and finances
  • Examination of the schedule’s constructability
  • Crane placement


Visualisation of a project creates more value in the form of better communication of information to the various parties. Visualisations can be used during the bidding phase and execution on the construction site and at project review meetings. 3D visualisations often increase understanding of a project and they can also be used as documentation and for presentations. This can be both images and videos. At Spotland, we are happy to help extract visualisations from the 3D model and prepare them for presentations. 3D visualisations also increase the understanding of a project’s geometry and can be very useful for gaining a good overview in the field. We are also able to carry out project presentations as Virtual Reality, where you can virtually move around the project and get a sense of space, sizes and distances.  
  • In design proposals
  • During the bidding phase
  • During execution
  • At the construction site
  • Project review meetings
  • At presentations, Virtual Reality


We offer to examine the project for possible collisions, either as part of converting project material from 2D to 3D, through which we often identity non-constructable configurations, or if you already have a 3D project you want checked for constructability.  The collision check is carried out by collected models from all disciplines in one main model, which is then checked for constructability. A collision check creates value because errors are detected before you’re in the field. This means that you save a lot of time, because the problem is identified and corrected before construction starts.  
  • Collision checking of e.g. drainage systems
  • Checking of constructability


Spotland helps with quantity calculations of various kinds, for example in connection with earthworks, bidding works and as-built documentation, etc. We have extensive experience with volume calculations of both terrain models as well as road and rail models. If you already have a 3D model available for the project, or if it has already been established in connection with other services, we can easily carry out calculations to obtain a good overview of quantities in the project. We also offer volume calculations in connection with drone flights in order to obtain a good overview of quantities in the project.  
  • Overview of quantities during the bidding phase
  • Overview of quantities in the project during construction
  • As-Built documentation
  • Quantities for e.g. noise barriers and launching areas in connection with drone flights
At Spotland, we offer a range of consulting services that are guaranteed to improve your building process.


Planning and optimisation of earthwork logistics is an important part of success in major construction projects. By using 3D models for analysis of earthwork logistics, Spotland helps ensure an overview in extensive construction projects. Spotland can offer an integrated method for analysis and planning of earthwork logistics from the contractor's point of view where planning and 3D models go hand in hand. Through the earthwork logistics analysis, it is ensured that earth is moved as few times as possible and across the shortest possible distance.  
  • During the bidding phase
  • Optimisation during project commencement


We offer to review project documents for constructability, errors and collisions.  We often discover errors in project documents that can be very costly if they are not detected in time. For example, we often find that a drainage project does not suit the road project, or that a detention basin is designed so that it overlaps the road model but at a different height, so they do not match. These are mistakes that are often only detected when the project is converted to 3D and which can be difficult to see in 2D drawings. Detecting these errors as early in the process as possible creates value for the employer, but also before the actual execution starts for the contractor.  
  • Safety for employer or contractor
  • Checking of constructability from the project documents
At Spotland, we specialise in handling set-up, calibration and checks of machine control systems for our customers. The systems are either controlled using GPS/GNSS or total station and work in both 2D and 3D. Depending on needs and the task, machine control is used on construction machinery such as excavators, dozers and graders. We ensure a rapid data flow and efficient updating of data between office and machinery. We synchronise data between office and production via cloud-based software, providing fast and efficient data communication between Spotland and our customers.


  • Review and examination of project data
  • Upgrading of project material from 2D to 3D
  • 3D modelling of surfaces, pollution fields, drainage etc.
  • Read-out to the desired machine control format
  • Upload of data to machines
  • Download and collection of surveying data from machines


  • Telephone support, our support team can view the machine operator's screen online
  • Support in the field, our support staff comes all the way out to the machine and press the button
  • Rental of bases and total stations
  • Calibration
  • Fixed points for checking machine control


  • Operator training in machine control
  • Set-up and adjustment of instruments
  • Registration of points with the machine
  • Data synchronisation
  • Courses for machine operators and/or foremen


Spotland360 is an extremely effective scanning and mapping method.
  • Complete point cloud 3D scanning
  • High-definition 360-degree photo documentation
  • Unique virtual tour
  • Online - no installation of software, viewer etc.
Spotland360 gives our clients a complete overview of entire building stocks. We bring the building to the meeting room and create a comprehensive overview for the construction process:
  • 3D modelling
  • Planning
  • Area management
  • Updating of construction plans


The scanning results in a 3D point cloud with associated 360-degree image material. You can measure dimensions directly in the virtual environment, e.g. door frames, ceiling heights or window sizes. The point cloud can be inserted directly into a CAD environment and used for design or modelling of existing building stock. Information can be entered into the virtual environment, e.g. fire safety classifications, types of equipment, installation date or material type. The scanning is well suited for:
  • Documentation
  • Construction, design or registration of existing building stock
  • Facilities management
  • Safety


The scanning can be used for indoor navigation or virtual tours. The solution works by creating a link to a browser-based viewer, where it is possible to take a virtual tour of the building. Because the whole solution runs in the web browser, you avoid the hassle of new installations and the purchase of additional expensive software. You can give the scanning a personal touch by inserting additional information and use it for indoor navigation to illustrate e.g. the reception, exit or different areas or departments, toilets, etc. This can be done via computer/ tablet or smartphone.


Click on the links below to see examples of scans:


Spotland has a subsidiary called Spotland Chartered Surveyors (Spotland Landinspektører). Spotland Chartered Surveyors solve both large and small tasks - from plotting out land to larger building permits, divisions between you and your neighbor, planning for larger urban areas and more. You can learn more about what Spotland Chartered Surveyors can help you with and what services they offer by visiting their website. Spotland Chartered Surveyors is a member of the Danish Land Inspectors Association (DdL) and the Practicing Land Inspectors Association (PLF). We are insured through HDI Denmark.