At Spotland, we are a large family consisting of many personalities with individual areas of expertise. Our diverse composition consists of, among others, land surveying and mapping technicians, BIM/VDC engineers, machine control consultants and technicians. With this combination of talented employees, we are confident that we can generate the best results in: Surveying, BIM/VDC, Consulting and Machine Control.


Spotland started as a surveying department in a larger construction company. In 2012, we took a step further and decided to become an independent company with the goal of becoming the technological leader in the market. This is especially necessary in the construction industry, which is becoming increasingly digitised, requiring the latest technology to create the desired quality at the right time and for the desired price.



We provide accurate data that actively qualifies our customers to make decisions before, during and after a construction project.

We care about our customers, and focus on meeting expectations, needs and ensuring good customer experiences.

We take care of our employees by ensuring development, co-determination, and a good and safe working environment.



Spotland is working proactively on the digitization process of the construction industry to create increased productivity and quality for our customers.

Our vision is that 9 out of 10 customers will recommend us to others, and that 9 out of 10 employees are happy to go to work.


Need-oriented:We listen to our customers and colleagues needs – both in terms of their problems and their needs and wishes.
We put ourselves in our customer’s situation and understand the value we add as well as how we solve common challenges.
Development-oriented:We invest in personal and professional development, and in new relevant technology. We share our knowledge and experience with others where it makes sense and has value.
Social: We are interested in the social interaction and the individuals involved. We are positive, show respect and keep a proper tone.
Proud: We solve tasks as agreed – We keep our promises and deliver high quality. We ensure safety and protect the environment at our workplace.
We are good colleagues towards each other.
Dedicated: We see possibilities rather than limitations. We take initiatives and act.
Innovative: We involve new technology. We contribute to new ways of solving the tasks.


In Danish, the values form the word “BUSSEN” ie “BUS”. Spotland is a part of Barslund Group and in Barslund, the bus-metaphor has been a part of the company from the beginning and is integrated in our Value Handbook, which is our joint compass we use to guide us at all times.


The meaning of the word “BUSSEN” is descripted in the Value Handbooks foreword:
“You will see the word BUS used in various places in this Value Handbook. The word BUS is formed by our values and is a metaphor that has been used since Barslund was founded in 1980. We want the right people on board the BUS. By the right people, we mean colleagues who share our values and aspirations, and who would like to help create an attractive workplace which embraces diversity. Colleagues who share our common values and have a common desire to make a positive difference to our customers, your colleagues, the society and Barslund as a whole.” – The Executive Board.




Consideration and accountability in relation to the outside world, employees, customers, environment and society lie at the heart of Spotland’s operations. Our CSR policy permeates every part of our organ­isation, and we take our employees’ working environment as well as social, ethical and environmental issues into consideration on a daily basis. Spotland is a part of Barslund Group and follows the Groups CSR policy.


Our CSR policy helps us to further develop our business. We know that building a good business requires long-term relationships with great partners, customers and suppliers. In our projects, we strive to see the assignments from the customer’s perspective so we can perform them to their complete satisfaction, while at the same time living up to the social expectations that exist for a company of our size.


Our employees are the cornerstone of our company and help ensure that our CSR-related work is manifested in practice. That is why we value their commitment and willingness to adhere to the CSR policy.


The CSR policy includes the following strategic focus areas (each of which is further divided into sub-categories):


  • Customers
  • Working environment
  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Social responsibility


In our CSR policy, you can also read about our work with the UN’s 17 world goals for sustainable development.


Read our CSR Policy here.


At Spotland, it is essential for us that our colleagues, partners and clients are happy.

In order to align each other’s expectations and fulfill wishes, dialogue is an essential part of our communication and behaviour – both internally and externally.


We want an informal tone where there is room to get to know each other. Although it is essential that we supply a high-quality work on time, it is equally important that we have happy employees who are part of a strong community. We therefore get together for social events several times a year. Among other things, we have an annual fishing trip and Go-Kart day, which helps maintain our strong community.


We also take part in industry initiatives and welcome new opportunities for cooperation. We give presentations at various institutions around the country, where we inform younger generations about job opportunities in our industry. At Spotland, there are plenty of opportunities for development and to build one’s dream career.